Rigid Hard-top handling

Our handling kits consists of all the mechanical and electromechanical components that are considered necessary in order to enable the different rigid movements of the Hard-Top to run. The customer only needs to fix the lateral slide guides and the installation of the Hard-Top. The kit is easy to use and is set up in order to be supported from motors of various powers according to the dimensions of the Hard-Top. In addition to its extremely simple installation, it is also equipped with a manual emergency device that allows the disconnection of the Hard-Top in case of eventual anomalies.

Watertight hard-top and indoor hard-top

The particular structure of our hard-tops range has been developed in order to reduce installation time. Therefore this system consists of just one component that must be fixed in the prearranged place, with few instructions needed, since the slide guides, the motor and the control units are all already internally assembled. They are available in the dimensions of the best-known monitors and in voltages of 24 or 12 Volts. Moreover we offer various solutions to the movement of the lateral windows. Our current range meets all customers’ requirements for windows from 80 cm to 190 cm.